Colour your world with our full range of tiles. Use coloured tiles to create mood or to balance a room. When styling your home, coloured tiles can enhance a space and add character. Adding colour is a way to add depth making your bathroom, kitchen or home’s style more distinctive or it can provide a connection with the rest of the home. We have an extensive selection of colours, shades, tints and patterns available. We also offer coloured tiles in matt, gloss and satin finishes. Our tile range is complete with popular neutrals and bold colours for maximum impact, including white tiles, blue tiles, black tiles, green tiles, grey tiles, pink tiles, plus more! Our wide range of tile colours mean you can select the right tile combination to bring your design to life. Whether it’s coloured floor tiles, solid colour wall tiles or feature tiles with texture and pattern we are sure to have an option to suit your next project. Discover our range of coloured tiles below.

It goes without saying that kitchen tiles are an essential element of any kitchen's design. Not only do they act as a functional surface, but kitchen tiles also greatly contribute to the overall aesthetic of the kitchen – adding personality and flair to the heart of your home.

Whether you want to bring a modern, traditional or contemporary look and feel to your kitchen, having elegant and beautiful tiles is what takes the space's decor to the next level. But when buying kitchen tiles, investing in quality materials that not only look good but are durable and easy to clean is key for longevity. At Sanctuary Makers, our range of kitchen tiles has a fit for every home, architectural style, and purpose.