Blue Tiles For Your Kitchen
Blue Tiles For Your Kitchen
The sky's the limit for what you can create with blue tiles in your kitchen. At Sanctuary Makers.
Tiles for Bathrooms
Tiles for Bathrooms
A bathroom is one of the spaces in your home where you can have the most fun with interior design – and nothing helps achieve this better than tiles.
Tiles For Kitchens
Tiles For Kitchens
Kitchen tiles are the perfect way to add style and functional benefits into the heart of your home. Shop our wide selection at Sanctuary Makers today!
What Are The Best Tiles For Kitchen Splashbacks?
What Are The Best Tiles For Kitchen Splashbacks?
Regardless of whether you are updating a tired kitchen or undertaking a complete kitchen build, one thing is for sure—your splashback tiles will always have a big impact on the look and feel of your kitchen.
2022 Modern Bathroom Tile Ideas
2022 Modern Bathroom Tile Ideas
If you are after a modern bathroom design, there are a few stand-out tile choices that we know work wonders in creating this look.
2022 Tiles Trends
2022 Tiles Trends
If you are looking to freshen up your home or are building a new one in 2022, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and select tiles that are going to be in fashion for many years to come.
How To Choose The Right Tile Colours For Your Home
How To Choose The Right Tile Colours For Your Home
Just like everything in life, colours evolve with time and choosing the right colour tiles for your renovation or new build is important.
Best Outdoor Tiles: How To Create An Outdoor Sanctuary
Best Outdoor Tiles: How To Create An Outdoor Sanctuary

Your home should be a beautiful sanctuary and it needs to look good both inside and out. Outdoor tiles can help you achieve this, and not only can they be aesthetically pleasing (like their indoor counterparts), they can also serve a functional purpose of safety and protecting outdoor structures such as wall and floors from the elements. If you're looking for the perfect outdoor tiles, then look no further we are here to help. We've compiled a list of things to consider when choosing the right tiles for outdoor areas in your home.

1. Durability and Performance

Make sure that you've chosen a tile that has been designed to perform in outdoor applications and that can withstand the elements. If you're considering using porcelain tiles, be sure to choose a high-quality brand of tile, as these are typically harder wearing and will provide you with peace of mind. If you're considering tiles such as mosaics, ensure they are made from durable and weather resistant materials.

Silvia Brick

2. Consider Colour

You want to make sure that you've chosen the right tile colour that blends in with your home's outdoor area surroundings.  Not only should you think about the aesthetics, but how dirty they may get if they are highly exposed. Selecting a darker/neutral tiled surface will hide more dirt and dust as opposed to a lighter colored tile.

3. Climate Matters

When you are choosing outdoor tiles, it is worth considering the type of climate you're living in. In many parts of Australia, porcelain tiles are the perfect choice as they are virtually scratch resistant and have a very low absorption rate which makes them resistant to moisture and frost proof. This makes them perform throughout the colder seasons and the warmer months – especially ideal for wet areas such as pools. Due to the manufacturing process the finished product also becomes UV resistant, meaning they are less likely to absorb heat and fade as opposed to other materials. 

Antica Rush

4. Size Up You Tiles

Another important factor to consider is your tile size. Similar to laying tiles indoors, we recommend you base the tile size on the outdoor space you're using the tiles in. Use bigger sized tiles in expansive areas to create continuity and smaller sized tiles in areas where you want to add some character and reflect some personality such as verandahs and barbeque areas.

5. Slip Resistance

Before purchasing your tiles, you'll want to consider whether they have a slip resistance rating. Not all tiles do so you need to ensure that they carry a slip resistance rating of at least P4.  This will ensure that your tiles are safe to walk on even when wet. Slip resistant tiles are also ideal if you have children or seniors living or visiting your home.

Terra Lusso 

6. Seemless Indooor Outdoor Transition  

If you are choosing tiles that are going to be installed flush with your indoor areas, you may like to consider a colour and style that is going to provide continuity and a seamless indoor and outdoor transition.  Most outdoor tiles are versatile enough to be used indoors and can help you achieve a unified theme which is ideal for balconies, entertaining and alfresco areas leading on from the interior kitchen or living space.


To make the right decision on your tile selection, we'd recommend requesting samples of the tiles and seeking expert advice before making your final decision. This is important if you are unsure on what tiles are best for outdoor applications and what is going to best suit your needs and style. Order a sample pack with us today!

At Sanctuary Makers, we're here to help you choose the best tile type and designs for the outdoors. Our Australian made tiles are manufactured right here in Melbourne using leading edge equipment and technology to provide you with a long lasting product that suits the Australian weather. If it's durability, performance and affordable quality you're after, look no further than Sanctuary Makers.

If you're still unsure on what best tiles to use, contact us today or visit our showroom and speak to one of one our expert consultants. We'd be more than happy to provide you with all the information you need when it comes to design and choosing the right tiles for outdoor spaces. Our experts have years’ worth of experience assisting customers in making the right decision to create their beautiful home and outdoor sanctuary.

Tricks Of The Trade: How To Choose Tiles For Your Home
Tricks Of The Trade: How To Choose Tiles For Your Home

Building or renovating? Want to know how to nail your tile choices? You have come to the right place! We’ve pulled together some key considerations that will make it much easier to select the perfect tiles for any area of the home.

1. Think about the space

Some tiles work brilliantly in some locations and not so well in others, so it pays to think about the individual space.

The size of the room and the lighting will play an important role.  Smaller spaces can benefit from tiles with a gloss finish which reflects the light, while larger spaces can generally accommodate a matt finish tile which will gently diffuse the light.

Make sure you also think about the surrounding spaces and the style of the rest of the home to ensure your tile choices provide continuity.

Antica Palazzo

2. Size matters

Many tile designs are available in a variety of size options. When choosing your tile size, keep in mind that larger tiles are generally faster and more affordable to install. They require less grout and cleaning will also be an easier task.  Larger tiles are more commonly found on floors, however we are seeing a trend towards homeowners using them to create a seamless statement on walls too.

Smaller tiles are a great choice if you want to add some extra detail and interest, but they can look busy when used to cover a large expanse of space. If you want to go small, it’s generally best using them on surface areas like shower recesses, kitchen splashbacks or smaller feature walls.

Forma Bastion

3. Push the boundaries

While it can be tempting to play it safe, don’t be afraid to aim for something a little different —after all, that’s the only way to reflect your personality and create something that truly stands out!

There are so many options these days, so play with different colours, textures and patterns until you find a good tile combination that works.

You can also think about using tiles in areas you might not typically think of tiling. Tiling areas like stair risers, the underneath of your kitchen island or your bathroom vanity countertops can create a unique point of difference and elevate the style of the home.


Antica Rush

4. Try before you buy

While you might think you know exactly what you want, it always pays to visualise your chosen tiles in the space before you commit.

Request samples of your favourite tiles that you can take home or order samples online.  Once you have them, place them in location and see how they look in the surrounding space.  Go one step further and see how other chosen interior finishes (ie. paint, cabinetry, fabrics) complement your tile selection.  You might be surprised to see how different a tile looks in the space or against other finishes compared to what you were expecting!

Ordering samples

5. Opt for Australian made

Many tiles are now made overseas and imported, but using Australian made tiles guarantees quality and shorter lead times.  Not only is the Australian made label synonymous with quality, but you’ll also save yourself a lot of headaches down the track if you ever need to replace broken or damaged tiles.

aus made

6. Get help from the experts

You don’t have to do it alone.  Seek help from the experts and get all the advice you need before finalising your selections. Sanctuary Makers showroom consultants have a wealth of knowledge and experience helping customers with their design plans and tile selections.  They can show you how to narrow down the options to find a tile combination that suits your needs perfectly.


Making the right tile selection for your home is easy with Sanctuary Makers. From our inspirational website and free visualiser tool to our welcoming showrooms, we have knowledgeable staff and an extensive range of Australian made tiles in almost every colour, size and finish imaginable.  We will help you transform your home into a tranquil sanctuary that you’ll be sure to love for many years to come.

Browse our range of tile designs or find a showroom to get started.

Bath In Style: The Bathroom Tile Trends of 2021
Bath In Style: The Bathroom Tile Trends of 2021

As one of the most used and lived in rooms of a home, it is important that your bathroom space is designed with functionality without compromising on style.  If you are building new or renovating your bathroom, tiles are a perfect surface to work with, are low maintenance and can fit many budgets, styles and looks.

At Sanctuary Makers, the people that sell the tiles make the tiles – right here in Australia.  With over 30 years of manufacturing experience and delighting our customers with quality products we know the latest in bathroom trends and what looks good. Today, we have a wide range of wall and floor tile designs perfect for bathrooms and here are just a few to inspire you.


Go Geometric

Although geometric patterns have been used in architectural and interior design for centuries, they have become increasingly popular in many home styles this year.  Whether it be defined by shape or bold patterns and colours, a geometric aesthetic in your bathroom is visually appealing and adaptable. In addition to being highly versatile, geometric patterns can certainly enhance a space.

From floor to ceiling to a feature wall to full floor coverage, bold geometric tiles provide visual interest, add texture and dimension. Particularly for floors, opt for tiles that have an anti-slip rating and go for contrasting grout to achieve a bolder statement piece.  For a modern bathroom design go for pieces that vary in shade and colour patterns such as monochrome or use colour pops for added visual interest. 

Marmo Hexagon (Natural Stone Tiles)

Hamptons Style

The Hamptons style continues to be popular and comes in many forms from coastal to classic, delivering a sophisticated and timeless look no matter what.  Featuring a neutral colour palette with a hint of blue, shaker style cabinetry is a must in addition to an abundance of natural light.  Stone and subway tiles are commonly found in this style bathroom; however the emergence of pressed metal and encaustic look patterned tiles are increasing in popularity. 

Antica Odette (Encaustic Look Tiles)

Art Deco

The resurgence of Art Deco has been a big bathroom design trend in 2021. Decorative tiles and marble mosaics work well in both small and larger formats. Vanity walls and shower feature walls have become vintage masterpieces with fan-shaped, herringbone or vibrant patterned tiles a popular choice. Deep colours with metallic accents that match well with decadent mirrors a key feature - and don't forget the luxurious beauty of a freestanding bathtub!

Grace Bellevue (Pressed Metal Look Tiles) 

Nature Inspired

As the name suggests, a sense of nature includes an organic colour palette. Deep greens, rustic reds and aqua blues through to the neutral tones of browns, beiges and white have been popular in 2021. You might draw upon the tonal variation found in natural stone, wood and water. Balancing tranquillity and warmth, nature-inspired forms and natural materials are perfect for the bathroom.

Consider materials on floors and walls that offer natural beauty such as stone, concrete and marble that can be incorporated to add contrast and durability.

Antica Palazzo

A bathroom renovation and design doesn’t have to be difficult. At Sanctuary Makers we have bathroom tile options to suit walls, floors and any space in between. It can be overwhelming to decide which is best for you, so we‘ve made it easy.  Use our online visualiser tool or come into our showroom for all the advice you need.  Whether you're looking for tiles, stone or mosaics, floor or wall, indoors and outdoors, our extensive range has the latest options to suit your style.

We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or need some design trend advice. Contact us today!

Tile Trends 2021 - What's Taking Centre Stage
Tile Trends 2021 - What's Taking Centre Stage

Tile design and production has come a long way since only having a choice between six or seven different colours and ten types of white tile on the same tile base. From sizes, textures, and material, the options for tiles today are stylish and varied. Throw in a wide range of new tile shapes, geometric patterns and creations such as terrazzo or timber-look tile and you have a seemingly endless choice! There are several tile trends in 2021 that we’d love to share with you. Keep reading to see what is setting centre stage for on trend interiors and exteriors this year and the best tile styles for your home.

#1 - Finish:

Trends show a focus on textured surfaces like concrete or stone on floors and walls, particularly in modern settings with matching grout for a more seamless look.  In spaces such as the kitchen, ultra-gloss finishes are back. This includes raku glaze, pressed metal and zellige tiles that feature slight variation across each piece, creating movement and character. These tile types are an excellent choice for splashbacks, feature walls or areas like a shower recess.  A thoughtful mix of tiles throughout the home will add texture and style, providing continuity and uniformity.

Silvia Brick (Raku Glazed Tiles)

#2 - Timber Look:

A timber or wood-look tile is an affordable alternative to natural timber flooring and comes in many colours, shades and sizes. Bringing a sense of nature and warmth inside, to the eye their tones and patterns make them almost indistinguishable from natural wood. This makes timber-look tiles a popular flooring option with ultimate durability. Thin grout lines can provide a flawless finish like interlocking floor coverings such as engineered timber planks. Timber tiles are also a popular kitchen and bathroom design option that integrates with the rest of the home— providing benefits in wet areas where natural timber often fails. Most timber tiles are suitable for outdoor areas and can provide a seamless indoor – outdoor transition.

Materia Omni (Timber Look Tiles)

#3 - Natural and Neutral:

As with timber look tiles, the earthy and natural look is also hot in 2021 and perhaps the biggest colour trend. The cool minimalist trend of white-on-white glossy tiles is fading. Instead, natural textures, colours and materials are a popular choice, giving your home an organic, calming feel. Both matt textured tiles and terracotta tiles suit this style. Tiles with a nature inspired tones such as greens, blues, beige and grey also work well. When embracing a natural look, a tile pattern can also add texture. Try combining these natural and neutral tiles with other earthy interior elements.

Antica Quattro (Encaustic Look Tiles)

#4 - Shapes:

Subway tiles and rectangular tiles will always hold strong. But this year we're moving from ordinary compositions and embracing other shapes and dimensions.  Use as a feature or all-over, experimenting with tile shapes makes a space more interesting and pleasing with combinations of beautiful interlocked pieces. This is especially true of wall tiles, whether you opt for smaller or larger tiles.  Different tile shapes can suit a range of different architectural styles with some of the most popular shapes including fish scale, penny round, herringbone and hexagonal tiles.

Marmo Penny Round (Natural Stone Tiles)

From raw materials to technology, the tile industry is always evolving, and with that comes new design trends. So, if you want a renovation or build that is going to provide a timeless look, it’s important to choose a design that speaks to you. Starting your design journey with tiles opens an opportunity to reimagine a space in your style. Feel inspired by our ideas above and be confident in selecting a tile combination that best suits your individuality and lifestyle. Still unsure where to start? At Sanctuary Makers we sell and manufacture our tiles here in Australia and can assist you with design, selection and project advice.  We’d love to hear from you and discuss your next project, so get in touch and benefit from our expert advice.

2021 Forecasted Trends
2021 Forecasted Trends
Ready to skip the rest of 2020 and head straight on in to 2021? Us too! Here’s a look at what is being forecasted for the new year and onwards.
Five Surprising Places to Tile that Actually Look Amazing
Five Surprising Places to Tile that Actually Look Amazing
We are seeing tiles pop up in unexpected places. Check out our top five surprising places that look amazing.
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Keeping you safe.
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