Who is Sanctuary Makers?

Who is Sanctuary Makers?

Here is a little bit about us....


Sanctuary Makers has been years in the making and planning. So who are we?


This is best explained by our brand logo which has three dimensions;

1) A butterfly which represents elements of delight and transformation and is the experience we impart to everyone that comes into contact with Sanctuary Makers.

2) The word Sanctuary, which is your environment after transformation as well as the environment we welcome you into while working with our staff and unique products.

3) The word Makers which reveals our secret - we make the products we sell. We’re proud to be the only remaining Australian manufacturer of decorative floor and wall tile.   


Our vision is to offer Australian made products, which delight our customers, throughout the creation of their own personal sanctuaries. We deliver operational excellence, from designing the product through to printing, firing and packaging.  For lovers of natural stone and marble, we can also delight you with our top selections.


The ultimate goal is to offer any product, in any design, in any colour, in any size and finish. While this is ambitious, we are well on our way to achieving this. We have many designs across different ranges, in multiple sizes, colours and finishes. We are the artisans that make quality, on trend products and colours curated specifically for the Australian market.


A major element of Sanctuary Makers is the showroom experience. Our showrooms are a place to  play, sample, rest and imagine. We’ve created playareas where you can make yourself comfortable, pull out your plans, your Pinterest board and find your perfect combination from our huge sample library and the best bit - free samples to take home and start creating. Our showrooms create a place of inspiration where you can soak it up and stay all day. A place where you are relaxed, not hustled by attendants pushing product on you but expert design and technical advice for anyone who is overwhelmed at the beginning of a reno or exhausted and at the end of a long build.


We invite you to head in to one of our showrooms and experience a little bit of Sanctuary Makers delight in your life today.







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