Kitchen design can be minimalist and streamlined, or bold and eye-catching. Blue splashback tiles can achieve either look and are a versatile choice for any kitchen. Use as a base colour or to add accents or colour pops to your cooking area. Whatever you choose, blue tiles are a refreshing and practical choice.

Tiles are much more than wall and floor covering squares. They add both personality and functionality to your home in a range of designs, sizes and styles. From creating unique aesthetic opportunities that level up your space to providing practical surfaces to cook amongst and easily clean, tiles are every home’s best friend.

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Specifically, blue tiles for kitchens are popular for a reason. With blue being one of the most calming of colours, tiles in any of its hues bring a relaxing feel into the heart of your home. Whether you’re looking for something bold or more simplistic, blue tiles are a sensible yet exciting choice. That's why we at Sanctuary Makers specialise in finding the right splashback, wall or floor tile for your homes kitchen!

Different Blue Tiles Designs for Your Kitchen

Blue tiles for kitchens come in various shades, textures and styles. It’s all about choosing the right design for your home and personal taste. The sky's the limit for what you can create with blue tiles in your kitchen. At Sanctuary Makers, we provide the following styles of tiles in the colour blue:

Concrete Look Tiles

It’s no wonder why concrete look tiles are a favourite, as they bring a unique, modern industrial appearance to any kitchen. And like all our wall and floor tiles, they are easy to clean and protect your space from mess and wetness, so it’s a win-win!

Encaustic Look Tiles

These tile designs are the perfect way to add personality to your space in a practical way. So, if you’re hoping for something a little funkier to adorn your cooking space, consider encaustic look tiles in blue, available in various elegant patterns and hues at Sanctuary Makers.

Pressed Metal Look Tiles

Searching for a tile style that’s uber-sleek? Pressed metal look tiles bring a pristine shine into your kitchen. Our range of blue pressed metal tiles at Sanctuary Makers features various styles, including embossed and textural detailing, and are available in hues from lakeshore and midnight to storm and a grey blue dove.

Single Colour Tiles

A staple tile style, single-colour tiles allow you to bring a crisp, clean look into your kitchen. Whether you’re more drawn to our French blue, tempest, or various other shades of blue, single-colour tiles at Sanctuary Makers are available in gorgeous matt or glossy finishes.

Terrazzo Look Tiles

Bring the feel of the Mediterranean into your home with Terrazzo look tiles. Traditionally made from chips of marble or granite set in concrete and polished, our terrazzo-look tiles expertly replicate this trendy aesthetic. The smooth surface of this unique tile style is elegant, and the speckles of different blue hues beneath the surface mimic that of a turquoise-coloured sea.

Timber Look Tiles

Our timber look tiles bring a natural looking texture into your home in a modern and elegant way. Combining this popular surface with the colour blue creates a relaxing atmosphere, one resembling driftwood and the fresh, salt-soaked air of a day at the beach.

Benefits of Having Tiles in the Kitchen

There is no shortage of benefits that come from having tiles in your kitchen. Of course, tiles are aesthetically pleasing and offer ample options for making your cooking space beautiful. But tiles also protect your walls and floors from moisture that can be damaging and make daily cleaning far easier. Plus, they’re easy to install. Kitchen tiles are truly a no-brainer.

Why Buy Blue Coloured Tiles for Your Kitchen?

Choosing blue kitchen tiles specifically offers additional benefits. Psychologically, blue is one of the most calming colours for humans as it reminds us of nature. Bring the soothing association of the cloud-free sky or the ocean into your home with blue kitchen tiles!

Which Blue Coloured Tile Design is Best for You?

When deciding which style of blue tiles will suit your kitchen best, there are a few things to consider, such as if you would like patterned or solid or matt or glossy tiles. Our tile visualiser tool is extremely helpful for exploring what different tiles will look like in your space, and you can also order samples to test designs at home.

How to Buy Blue Coloured Kitchen Tiles in Melbourne

With over 30 years of experience manufacturing and distributing tiles, we specialise in producing stunning, high-quality ceramic and decorative tiles – all of which are made right here in Australia. At Sanctuary Makers, we assure the highest level of quality and customer service for blue kitchen tiles in Melbourne. For more information, get in touch with our friendly team today!